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Event Tickets

Event Tickets

Asiana Airlines and SkyStub.com welcomes KASCON27 participants.


Discount Program Detail

  1. Special discounted airfares are exclusive to KASCON27 participants/students
  2. How to book and receive Asiana’s exclusive airfare
    • You must be a member of the KASCON or a student at the credited university located in the USA.
    • Book your Asiana Airlines trip on-line at www.SkyStub.com at normal publish fare offered.  YOUR CREDIT CARD WILL NOT BE CHARGED AT THIS JUNCTURE.
    • Once you receive confirmation, please email your student ID and confirmation numbers to kascon@skystub.com
    • Our dedicated agent will review and determine the eligiabilty.  After the eligiabilty is confirmed, we will email you the exclusive discount rate.
    • Once you receive your exclusive rate, you must reply to us with your email for ticketings.
    • All rules and regulations for tickets purchased is that of Asiana Airlines fare type rules.



For more information regarding this special offer, please contact us at 856-866-3077 or email us at kascon@skystub.com.

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