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Cheap International Flights from New York to Korea: Jeju Island

8 Jan

Cheap International Flights from New York to Korea: Jeju Island

For many Koreans, Jeju represents a prime spot for weddings and romantic getaways. It can be inundated with tourists during the summer months when temperatures average in the upper 70s to mid-80s in July and August. However, there are a number of less-trod areas that can be enjoyed just a short hop away from Seoul. Taking a cheap international flight to Korea from New York International enables many visitors to enjoy an even longer stay than with some high-priced carriers. Here are a few activities to enjoy with those savings:

A Stop at Seongsan

If dancing and clubbing are not high on the list of priorities, the different seafood options at Seongsan can be a welcome change of pace. There are a variety of restaurants, and a a number of places to stay that offer a more intimate atmosphere than the large chains in Seoul or near the airport in Jeju City. It’s a great way to take a breather from some of the more traditional tourist attractions in Seogwipo, especially if one ventures further away from the towering Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, named a UNESCO World Heritage site but also a key stop for many tourists.

While it is still part of Seogwipo with relatively easy access from the city, there are nearby places to stay that offer a more rural environment for those looking to relax. In addition, one does not have to venture to the peak in spring to be able to take in the flowers that bloom all along the coast and provide a colorful addition to the already majestic view.

Seogwipo Waterfalls: A Potential Out of Season Treat

Big enough to have hosted a World Cup game in 2002, Seogwipo does have a number of Waterfall on Volcanic Island of Jeju Islandtourist attractions. During off-peak months in the fall and spring, the Jeongbang Waterfalls should be much less crowded and ornithologists may be able to see the last vestiges of migratory birds that are traveling south to avoid the cold winter temperatures in the fall and making their way back north in the spring. Of course, it is also known as being the only place in Asia where the waterfall ends in the ocean, which bucket listers may appreciate.

The water may be too cool for scuba divers so the best approximation during the the offseason months may be to take the submarine trips available that leave outside of the harbor on a regular basis. In addition, taking advantage of the Olle, which translate as pathways connecting a house to the road, hiking trails offer relatively accessible ways to get around the southern coast of the island. Just be sure to check which trails are closed for conservation or safety reasons and wear sturdy footwear.

Island Hops for Nature Lovers and Adventurous Spelunkers

Geographical completists can take a half-hour ferry ride from Moseulpo Port to Marado Provincial Ocean Park, the southernmost point in South Korea. Even if visitors have come here before, the number of geological features from cliffs to sea caves can provide an opportunity to take in the ocean without the crowding sometimes seen in other Jeju Island attractions. There is also Udo Island, but it is mainly for folks who want to take a four-wheeler or ATV or bike ride and enjoy the sights as a quick break from Seongsan. In both cases, they are excellent to fill in lulls in one’s itinerary as they can be taken in over the course of an hour or two.

Travel Considerations

Since many of these areas may be relatively secluded, it can require a bit more planning to ensure that you can get to the various points of interest via train, bus or both. In the case of Marado Provincial Ocean Park and other smaller islands, it’ll be important to keep track of time between the ferries so that you can get back to your hotel or a restaurant for dinner at a reasonable time.

Weather can also play a critical role in planning for a trip, but not by way of clothing. Many of the activities on an island revolve around the water, from scuba diving to taking a quick dip into the water. Off-peak times are generally good for avoiding tourists, but the water temperature can be inhospitable. After August, just as with the Jersey Shore and beaches along the East Coast, it’s better to admire the sea and consider attractions that keep one’s feet dry.

In addition, while cheap international flights from New York can help lessen the blow, spending a few days on Jeju makes the most sense for people who are already going to be in-country for business or visiting family who are still in South Korea. However, those who go back for training and schooling may also benefit from the fact that the trip from Seoul to Jeju takes just an hour.


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