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10 Reasons Tokyo Is Asia’s Most Popular Destination

8 Sep

10 Reasons Tokyo Is Asia’s Most Popular Destination

Tokyo is a thriving, seemingly sleepless city that offers the visitor glimpses in Japan’s feudalistic past, traditional Shinto Temples and lifestyles while mixed in with the super high-tech world Tokyo is synonymous with. As reported by CNBC, Tokyo is the top destination for tourists in all of Asia, and there are many reasons for this popularity.

Tsukiji Fish Market

For seafood lovers, there is no better than the world’s largest fish market, Tsukiji. This open air fish market offers every type of fish, shellfish, ran and seafood you could imagine, all fresh from the day’s catch and straight from the docks. The scene here is manic but shouldn’t be missed.


A long standing Japanese tradition and sport of humor, sumo wrestling is a top draw for locals and visitors. No trip to Tokyo is complete without going to at least one sumo match. Enjoy the traditions and betting these matches are known for.

Meiji Shrine

This is the most famous and revered of the Shinto Temples in Japan and is dedicated to the 19th-century Emperor who opened Japan up to the west, thus bringing it into the world.

Yoyogi Park

In this densely populated city, space is at a premium, which is why a stroll through Yoyogi Park is a top draw in Tokyo. Set amidst the cherry blossoms, this park sees runners, cyclists, yoga proctors, Tai Chi and every type of musician and performer you could imagine.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is almost the antithesis of Yoyogi Park’s manic pace and activity. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is traditional Japan at its best. Finely groomed gardens, bans trees and silent Shinto prayers are highlights of the quiet preserve within the urban throng of Tokyo.

Mori Tower

With the combination of the 52nd floor view of the city and the famous Mori Art Museum, a trip up Mori Tower is well worth the time. Bring your camera as the views from the observatory are some of the best of Tokyo, giving an expansive sight of this thriving metropolis.

Shibuya Crossing

Arguably the busiest area of Tokyo, the Shibuya Crossing has been featured in numerous motion pictures such as “Lost in Translation”. This area of the city will seem chaotic upon the first visit, but sit to the side and watch and you begin to see a pattern to this immense mass of humans, all going back and forth through the neon spectacle and arcades of the area. This is modern Tokyo in all its glory.

Ebisu Neighborhood

Eating out in Japan is very expensive, so do as many of the locals do and go to the trendy Ebisu Neighborhood and enjoy meals at street vendors, stand-up outdoor cafes and small cafes. Here you will be able to sample authentic Japanese cuisine while rubbing elbows with the hip and young of the city. This is where the locals go for drinks and dinner.

Karaoke at Smash Hits in Hiroo shotengai

Karaoke is a uniquely Japanese creation and its popularity has spread across the globe. Here in Tokyo you get to go to the best Karaoke joints in the world. One such place is Smash Hits in Hiroo shotengai (neighborhood). Enjoy drinks and serenade the other patrons who are there to sing their favorite and most trendy songs of the day. This is a truly Tokyo experience.

Daimaru’s Kimono and Yukata

Shoppers take note, Kimono and Yukata is one of the grandest department stores in all of Tokyo. Every trendy and boutique fashion label and designer can be found here as well as traditional Japanese garb. Of particular note is the 10th floor, not the usual stop for visitors as this floor is where Japanese women come for authentic and traditional kimono’s and accompanying accessories. Shopping the both floor is a popular draw even though most tourists just go to the floors to watch and see how traditional fashion and service is given.

Taking a trip to Tokyo is to see one of the great cities of the world. With SkyStub’s great fares from LAX to Narita (NRT) which serves Japan, there has never been a better time to book your trip to Japan.



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